Friday, September 7, 2012

Sorting Activities

Here's what we've been up to in math these past couple weeks! We've been getting lots of practice with sorting...

Hula Hoop Shape Sort: First we practiced as a group, sorting by color and shape. We went around the circle and each student placed their shapes in the correct hula hoop. Then I put tubs of shapes on each table and gave students a divided work mat. They had to sort two groups of shapes in various ways.

Mixed Up Manipulatives: I forgot where I found this idea, but I told the kids that during recess, someone came into our room and mixed up all our math materials! Oh no! We practiced how to sort objects by kind, then I dumped them out on the tables and each group worked together to sort out all the containers. They had a blast!

Sock Sort: We read "A Pair of Socks" (MathStart) and then the kids helped me sort socks by size, color, and pattern. After, I put various manipulatives out on the tables for the kids to sort, since I didn't have enough socks for independent practice.

Shoe Sort & Graph: We sorted our shoes into three groups (laces, velcro, and slip-ons) and made a concrete graph using our shoes. Then we drew pictures of our shoes to add to our bar graph.

Bear Sort: We sorted bears by size on these work mats that I found from Kindergarten Crayons HERE!

Guess My Rule: We've played this game a lot. It's quick and easy. I just call groups of students to the front and ask the children to guess how I sorted them. I might sort by gender, color clothes, type of shoes, hair color, hairstyle, accessories, etc. Then I ask questions like: "How are they all alike? Why do they belong together? Who else belongs in this group?"


  1. Thanks for the great sorting ideas, Nicole. I will be using some of them next week when we start our unit on sorting.


  2. Nice Snaps are very pleasant as well..
    cool maths games

  3. Love love love these concrete ideas!!! always trying to find hands on things to do, and it helps to have others' ideas!

  4. Thanks. I really love your ideas. They are so hands on, practical and ....FUN!

  5. I am in love with your shape manipulatives. Would you mind sharing where you got these?

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