Sunday, September 30, 2012

Numbers, Shapes & Colors Posters

I just finished these color, shape, and number posters to coordinate with my other polka dot themed products! Now you can coordinate your whole room with polka dot fun! Yay!

Click the image to check them out! It's only $2 for the entire set!

Alphabet Cards {TPT Store}

We're on fall vacation here in Hawaii! I'm sure ready for a break! Other than relaxing and enjoying the beach, I'll be working on a few projects over the next week or so...

My first project was making some polka dot alphabet cards to match my other polka dot products. There are two different sets, and they both include 27 cards in 3 different sizes. You can use them for your alphabet line, word wall, or even as flash cards! Click the images to go to my store!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Math & Literacy Centers & FREEBIE

I hope you've all been having a nice weekend! I've been busy working on my October Math & Literacy Centers and I'm finally finished! Yay! I've included 31 activities in all! Click the image to head over to my store and check it out...

Here are a few samples of some of the activities I've included.

And now here's a FREEBIE for you. Click to download my Candy Corn Pattern and Graphing activities!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Patterns & Math Stations

Here's what we've been up to in math! I love teaching patterns. Even if it's not in the Common Core, it's still an important concept to teach...and lots of fun!

Body Patterns
We made patterns using different body positions and movements, and by lining ourselves up to make boy/girl and color patterns. We also practice while lining up, sitting on the carpet, etc.

Sound Patterns
We made patterns with sounds such as snapping, clapping, and stomping. Each student also got the chance to make a pattern using musical instruments.

Beep Beep Vroom Vroom!
As I'm sure you know, I love integrating literature and math, and this story is perfect for teaching patterns! While reading, I encouraged the students to notice and read the patterns in the story. After, I modeled patterns using the colored cars from the Lakeshore set (unfortunately it's discontinued). I invited students to come up and extend the car patterns. Then I modeled patterns on the ELMO with the cars while students copied and extended them with cubes.

Pattern Booklets
Students made their own pattern booklets with various die cuts. They loved this one! Click here to get my Pattern Booklets. I also included a booklet for dot art patterns and a blank template.

Pattern Stamping
My grade level ordered some of these huge sea animal stamps and I had the kids use them to stamp patterns on sentence strips (an idea I got from my teammate, Winnie)!

Pattern Necklaces
We made pattern necklaces with colored pasta and yarn. I dyed the pasta with rubbing alcohol and food coloring. I placed a small piece of tape around one end of the yarn to make stringing easier (candle wax also works well).

Pattern Problem Solving
I made patterns with shape magnets and the children had to fill in the missing parts. Then the kids played a partner game where they took turns being "pattern builder" and "guesser." The guesser closed his eyes while the other partner made a pattern and then took away a piece. Then the guesser had to guess what was missing and fix the pattern.

Pattern Stations
We have not yet officially started our math centers, but these are some tubs I introduced these past couple of weeks. I introduced them in whole group and then I gave each table 1-2 tubs at a time to practice with. We will start our math stations next week, which will include some of these activities.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Science & Five Senses

Unfortunately, we don't have much of a science curriculum. Basically, we have Foss Kits for Trees and Wood & Paper. We are supposed to spread these two units over an entire year. And no, I am NOT joking! Anyhow, I don't complain, I just try to supplement wherever I can. So last week I decided to do a mini-unit on the five senses...

We read and talked about "My Five Senses" by Aliki.
Then the kids helped me label a chart of the five senses. I prepped this in a hurry during morning announcements, and you can totally tell because I forgot to make arms! The kids didn't notice though hehe :)
Then the kids visited 5 senses stations and explored their senses with hands-on activities. I left it very open-ended and just let them explore while I walked around asking questions and encouraging them to use the new vocabulary words. Here is a sample of things I included at the stations: 

Feeling Station: stuffed animals, rocks, sandpaper, various fabrics, a secret "feely box"
Seeing Station: color bottles, books about five sense, coins and magnifying glasses, sunglasses
Hearing Station: various musical instruments
Tasting Station: crackers and goldfish for snacking
Smelling Station: scented candles, incense sticks, scented oils, hand lotions

Finally, the kids labeled their five senses in their journals using this template I made. Click the image to get your own copy! I made one for boys and one for girls.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Literacy Centers "I Can" Cards

Phew! It's just past 1AM and I've finally finished my weekend project! My Literacy Center "I Can" Cards are now up on TPT! These are such a great way to get your kids to become independent during literacy centers! And they coordinate perfectly with my free Literacy Center Management Board! I included a total of 153 "I Can" cards, 10 center title cards, and 9 reading response sheets! They are a perfect complement to Deedee Wills' Task Cards! Click the image below to check them out!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Literacy Center Management Board {FREEBIES}

While I won't be starting my literacy centers for another few weeks, I thought I'd get everything ready with a brand new management board! I've posted my management board and some reading response sheets for you all for free! For the management board, I use pictures of the kids and I have them work in pairs. I just move the cards down after each center rotation. Click the images to download and enjoy!

This set coordinates perfectly with my new Literacy Center "I Can" Cards!

Includes 20 center cards with cute Scrappin Doodles clipart. 
Cards are included for Literacy Centers as well as traditional kindergarten centers!

Includes 3 Reading Responses, 3 Listening Responses, 
and a Big Book Response Sheet!

Sorting Activities

Here's what we've been up to in math these past couple weeks! We've been getting lots of practice with sorting...

Hula Hoop Shape Sort: First we practiced as a group, sorting by color and shape. We went around the circle and each student placed their shapes in the correct hula hoop. Then I put tubs of shapes on each table and gave students a divided work mat. They had to sort two groups of shapes in various ways.

Mixed Up Manipulatives: I forgot where I found this idea, but I told the kids that during recess, someone came into our room and mixed up all our math materials! Oh no! We practiced how to sort objects by kind, then I dumped them out on the tables and each group worked together to sort out all the containers. They had a blast!

Sock Sort: We read "A Pair of Socks" (MathStart) and then the kids helped me sort socks by size, color, and pattern. After, I put various manipulatives out on the tables for the kids to sort, since I didn't have enough socks for independent practice.

Shoe Sort & Graph: We sorted our shoes into three groups (laces, velcro, and slip-ons) and made a concrete graph using our shoes. Then we drew pictures of our shoes to add to our bar graph.

Bear Sort: We sorted bears by size on these work mats that I found from Kindergarten Crayons HERE!

Guess My Rule: We've played this game a lot. It's quick and easy. I just call groups of students to the front and ask the children to guess how I sorted them. I might sort by gender, color clothes, type of shoes, hair color, hairstyle, accessories, etc. Then I ask questions like: "How are they all alike? Why do they belong together? Who else belongs in this group?"

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Daily Schedule Cards {TPT Store}

I guess I'm not getting much sleep tonight! Once I start something, I just can't stop! For those who loved my Polka Dot Behavior Chart and Class Rules...I just finished these Polka Dot Daily Schedule Cards! They all feature adorable Scrappin Doodles clipart. And they're so easy to use. I just stick magnets on back and put them up on the board. You could also use them in a pocket chart. There are a total of 39 cards included plus 3 header cards! Head over to my store to check them out!

And here's a picture of how I use them in my room. I just made an arrow and stuck a magnet on the back to track our schedule throughout the day!

There's more to come this week! I'm working on a new management board for my literacy stations as well as "I Can" cards! Check back soon and have a great week!  

Classroom Tour!

Whew! We've made it through the first few weeks of school, and I have to say...I LOVE my class this year. I have such an awesome group of kids! And now that I've got some of the kiddies' work up on the walls, I decided to take some pictures for you. Here's the grand tour!

Welcome & Name Tags

Whole Group Meeting Area

Math Stations Tubs

Computer Center (Loving our new iMacs!)

Small Group Table

 Small Group Supply Shelves

 Star Word Wall

Housekeeping Center & Reading Center

Reading Center & Literacy Tubs

 View from Meeting Area

 View from Small Group Table

 Student Work Displays

                                          Class Promise                                  Behavior Clip Chart