Tuesday, January 31, 2012

100th Day!

100 Ladybug Spots
We used finger paints to make 100 ladybug spots. Then we counted them by tens!

 Hundred Chart
Today, I introduced the hundred chart. First, we talked about and highlighted the patterns we noticed. Then we counted to 100 by ones and tens while a helper pointed.

Songs & Dancing
We watched these music videos and used our bodies as we sang and counted to 100. This got the kids super excited about counting to 100!! Loved it!

Fruit Loop Necklaces
We used a Counting Mat to count 100 fruit loops for our 100th Day Necklaces!

100th Day Crowns
We made these adorable crowns to wear for our hundredth day celebration!

Counting 100 Objects
We worked in small groups to count out 100 objects. We decided the easiest way would be to make rows of ten. The first team to make 100 got to choose a prize from the treasure chest!


Hundred Chart Number Hunt
The kids colored in numbers on their hundred charts as I called them out, and revealed a hidden picture!

 We also read 100th day stories, did 100 exercises, drew what we will look like at 100 years old, and wrote about what we would buy with $100. We had an awesome hundredth day!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ten Frame Flash Cards {FREEBIE}

I made this set of Ten Frame Flash Cards because many of my kids are having difficulty with the teen numbers and counting on from ten. I plan to incorporate these into my morning routine until the kids really get it down. Feel free to use them with your class!

Counting & Place Value Games

Ten Frame Race to Twenty - This was a partner game I created to help my kids get some practice counting to twenty. They rolled a number cube and placed that many counters on their ten frames. After each turn, they had to count their cubes and say: "I have ___. I need ___ more to get to 20."

Race to Twenty - This game is great to help kids gain a basic understanding of place value. All you need is place value mats, number dice, and linking cubes. On their turn, children roll the die and place that many cubes in their ones column. They count their cubes after each turn to see if they can make a group of ten. Once they reach ten, they stack ten cubes together and move them to the tens column. They continue the game until they reach twenty (two towers in the tens column).
 These little smarties decided to use a white board to record their scores!
Build a Number - For this activity, I held up numeral cards and the kids had to identify the number and build it on their ten frames with manipulatives. For more practice, I showed a tens frame card on the ELMO and they had to figure out the number and write the numeral on their white boards.
Human Ten Frames - This was SO much fun! I made two ten frames on the floor using tape. Then I held up a number and had the kids come up and use their bodies to represent the number in the ten frames. I didn't get any pictures, so maybe we will have to do it again :)

Letters of the Week {B & O}

B is for Bumble Bee! We made a Bumble Bee out of the letter B! We used this template, crayons, and construction paper. You could also have them paint the bee or just use yellow paper.

O is for Octopus! We used watercolors to paint the letter O and then we cut it out and added some curly construction paper tentacles to make an Octopus! The kids wanted me to take a picture of them with the octopuses on their faces! So cute!

Math & Literacy Centers in Action

Here are a few shots I took of our class working during math and literacy centers over the last couple weeks! All of my center activities (and more) are available to download for free here

Hot Cocoa Counting - We have fun working on our fine motor skills while we practice counting!
 Number Matchup - We spin a number, count the pictures, and place the correct numeral on our board.
Snowman Add & Cover - We roll two dice, add the dots, and cover the sum!
Build a Snowman - We roll a die and find the matching numbers to build a snowman.
Snowman Roll & Cover - We roll a die and place the correct number of "snowballs" on our board.
 Pattern block puzzles are a favorite any time of the year.
 Snowy Sounds - We pick a snowman, look at the picture, and write the beginning sound.
Snowy Sight Words - We pick a snowman card, read the sight word, and dot the correct word.
We love Starfall!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fast Finisher / Do Now Cards

I'm so glad I found these cute cards! In the mornings, while I'm taking care of morning business, I need something easy for my kids to do independently. I used to just have them read from the book bins at their tables, but they were getting bored with that. Now, I just post one of these cards on the board to show the kids what they need to do once they unpack. Each day, I choose a different activity, which might include reading a book, writing on their white boards, file folder games, or puzzles. I also use these during independent work time for kids who finish their work early.  I found these great cards at What the Teacher Wants!

Visual Directions {Freebie}

The kids in my class often have a difficult time following directions. Maybe it's because I have lots of ELL students, or maybe it's just because they're five years old! In any case, I've found that using visual directions has helped a lot with this. Click the picture to download. Cut out, laminate, and put some magnet tape on back.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reading Strategies Posters

I was inspired to make these Reading Strategy Cards when I saw some similar ones online. I had planned to use them along with my Beanie Babies but since they are currently in storage, I will have to use the cards without them for the time being. I laminated the pages and put them on a ring for quick access. Whenever I want to remind my students of a strategy, I just have to turn to the appropriate card. Click the link to download my Reading Strategies Cards.

Whole Brain Teaching

Some of my colleagues and I have recently come across an intriguing teaching method called Whole Brain Teaching. If you look it up on Youtube, there are some great videos of this practice being used in kindergarten classrooms. At first, I found it to be very robotic and rigid, but I soon realized my group of kiddies truly needs this type of structure. I have only implemented a few of the techniques, including Class-Yes, Hand & Eyes, The Scoreboard Game, and The Five Class Rules. We also do Turn-and-Talk, which is sort of similar to Teach-Okay. These strategies have worked wonders in my classroom. Since implementing these new techniques, I have really seen a major improvement in my students' behavior and engagement. Click the link to check out more information on Whole Brain Teaching.

Each day we review the Five Class Rules orally, with visuals and body movements. Click here to download my version of the Classroom Rules. I laminated them and put them on a ring for easy access.

We also use the Smiley Scoreboard as a whole class incentive system. Each time everyone is working well together, participating, and staying on task, they win one tally on the smiley side. If they are not doing these things, they earn a tally on the frownie side. On Friday, if the smiley side is winning, the kids get to vote for extra recess, extra center time, or a movie. Just laminate the scoreboard so you can use a dry erase marker on it. Click here to download my Smiley-Frownie Scoreboard.

Daily Schedule {Freebie}

Here are some Daily Schedule Cards that I made, if anyone is interested. Just cut, laminate, and stick magnet tape on the back, and you're set to go. I also made a magnetic arrow that I use to track the schedule throughout the day, but I forgot to include it in the file. See the pics below for a sample. More are included in the download.

Literacy Center "I Can" Cards {Freebie}

I just created these Visual "I Can" Cards for my literacy centers and I thought I'd share them in case anyone might be able to use them. The only one i haven't made is the ABC & Word Work Center. There the kids just do the current activities that are in the literacy tubs, so I wasn't sure how to make a card for that. If you have any ideas and you want me to make one, let me know. Click here to download my Literacy "I Can" Cards.