Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Freebies!

I  have a confession...I'm terrible at being on vacation! I feel like I've worked more this week than when I'm NOT on vacation! I think it's an addiction or something. Seriously. It's already Wednesday night, and I still haven't left the house! Actually, I'm lying...I did get to do some shopping! And I made a couple of cute Easter finds that I just have to share with you!

Have you guys seen these super cute bunny bowling sets at CVS? How about those little carrot "egg" containers? I found them at Walmart, but I'm sure you can also find them at the Dollar Tree. How I wish we had a dollar store here on Maui! We don't even have a Target! Ugh. How do I live like this?!

Anyway, when I saw these, I just HAD to grab them! They inspired me to create some fun (and educational!) games. Click the pictures for your FREEBIES!! Enjoy! And I promise I will have some fun tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Common Core Math Posters FREEBIE

Oh much for relaxing! One more post before I get some rest and then head to the beach! :)
Recently, my school has been delving into the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice and we came across these great posters: Math Practice Posters. These simple "kid-friendly" posters include easy to understand "I can" statements along with illustrations. They actually helped ME to better understand these standards myself! After seeing these, I decided I just had to make my own cute version to go along with my polka dot theme! And they match perfectly with my Common Core Standards Posters. Click the first image for your FREE posters!
If you're looking for some Common Core "I Can" Posters, you can find my matching set here: 

Easter Centers + FREEBIE

Woohoo! It is now officially spring break!! I promised myself I'd get to the beach over the weekend to celebrate. Well, I didn't exactly make it to the beach...instead I spent the weekend working on my all new Easter Math & Literacy Centers pack! I can always go to the beach tomorrow!

Here are some pictures of what's included in the pack. For many of the activities, you'll need those cheap plastic eggs that you can find just about anywhere. This was my mindset while creating this unit...just put stuff in eggs and kids are guaranteed to have a blast! Check it out...

Here's your freebie! Just click the image to go to my store and click on "Download Preview."
The colors on the graph go great with these "SweetTarts" Jelly Beans!

If you enjoy this freebie, please leave a comment! Have an "egg-cellent" spring break everyone!! I'll be back soon with some more Easter fun!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dr. Seuss Week!

Oops! I just realized I forgot to share our Dr. Seuss activities from last week! Here are a few of the fun things we did. I didn't get pictures of everything, but here's what I've got...

Cat in the Hat
We read the Cat in the Hat and made these paper plate cats.
 This cute hundred chart idea came from Marlana at Lil Country Kindergarten. I called out the numbers and the kids had to find and color them to reveal the hidden picture! They loved it!
And of course, we made our own Cat in the Hat hats!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
We followed up this story with a goldfish graphing activity. Click here for the Goldfish Graph.

Green Eggs & Ham
We read Green Eggs & Ham, then tasted green eggs and did some more graphing!

Bartholomew and the Oobleck
 This was a class favorite! We made Oobleck and did a sink and float experiment. Click here to get the sheet for the Oobleck Experiment.

Pots of Gold Segmenting FREEBIE!

What a crazy day today! We had a lock down for an hour and a half due to someone on the High School campus next door who was reported to have a gun. So scary! This happened at lunchtime, so my kiddies were stuck in the cafeteria without me. When I got back to them, they all hugged me and told me how much they missed me and how scared they were. My poor babies! I just wanted to cry! But the police were awesome and showed up right away. I'm so glad no one got hurt today!

In other news, here's a quick freebie for you! I found some of these plastic shamrock coins at the local craft store and I just had to use them for something! I'm using these in my small groups this week to practice segmenting. We use them like Elkonin boxes - the kids put their coins on the pot, then they slide a coin into each box as we say the sounds in the word (you could also use pennies, counters, or yellow circle die cuts). Click the picture to download. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

St. Patty's Centers & FREEBIE!

Good Morning! I cannot believe it's already March and almost spring break (5 days to go)! With St. Patty's just around the corner, I decided I just had to make a new pack of math and literacy centers! I really wanted to get this ready before the weekend was over, so I spent the past two days working on it (literally like...48 hours!!). And now at...3:13AM, I'm finally done and soooo ready for some SLEEP!!! Anyhow, enjoy your Sunday and your FREEBIE! Click the first picture to go to my store. When you download the Preview, you will get "A Rainbow of Rhymes" activity for free!