Sunday, February 22, 2015

Teen Numbers & SmartBoard Freebie!

We've been learning all about teen numbers in kindergarten! Teen numbers can be really tricky for young children. Luckily, I've found lots of fun ways (mostly through Pinterest and other blogs) to teach this concept to my kiddos. Here are some fun ideas and a freebie that I hope you'll find useful :)

Each day, we focus on one teen number. During our whole group exploration, the children build the numbers using cubes and ten frames. We used these free ten frame mats from Primarily Speaking.

Just a side note...these lessons were so much easier to prep since I started using math tool kits! I stole this idea from Mrs. Wills! I just put all the tools we need for the unit into the zipper pouches and hand them out to partners during the lesson. During this unit, their math tool kits included cubes, ten frames, and dry erase markers.

After the kids build the numbers, they talk to their partners to discuss: "How did you make the number (16)?" I want to promote different ways of thinking about the numbers and emphasize that there is more than just one right answer. The kids came up with great answers, such as:

-I made 10 and 6 extra ones.
-I made 15 and then added one more.
-I had 19 and then I took away 3. That makes 16.
-I did 10 plus 6 and that equals 16.
-I filled up the ten frame and then put 6 extra ones outside.

We also build each number on the board using these giant Magnetic Ten Frames.

We even build teen numbers on our life size human ten frames! I made these using a dollar store tarp and some tape.

I also started creating SmartBoard lessons to go along with each teen number. The kids loved these! They were so engaged in these lessons! You can download a sample SmartBoard lesson for FREE by clicking the image below. If you like this, comment below, and I'll work on finishing the rest of the numbers! If you have suggestions or feedback, please let me know that also!

We play some quick games to practice our teen numbers every day. We use ten frame flash cards for most of these games. You can purchase my flash cards by clicking the image below.

Ten Frame Flash: I simply show a ten frame card to the class very briefly, and then they have to write the number on their white boards (or just shout out the number).

Flash & Build: I show a teen number card and the kids have to build it on their ten frame mats. 

Find Your Match: Students get a ten frame card or numeral card and have to walk around the room until they find their match.

Concentration: Students match ten frame cards with numeral cards.

Race to 20: Students play with partners and race to 20. They roll a die and add cubes to their ten frames. After each turn, they have to say how many cubes they have. First person to 20 wins!

Finally, we watch these Harry Kindergarten videos every day. These songs are so fun and catchy, and they have really helped my kids understand teen numbers. The first song reminds students that teen numbers start with a one. The second song reinforces the idea that teen numbers have a group of ten and left over ones. Hmm, that sounds exactly like Common Core Standard K.NBT.A.1! Perfect!

That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed these activities and the freebie. Comment below if you're interested in the full set of teen number SmartBoard lessons!