Sunday, September 2, 2012

A My Name Is...

We read "A My Name Is..." and learned about the first letters in our names. We sang "If your name begins with __, please stand up (to the tune of If You're Haappy and You Know It). The students came up to find their letter and place it in the pocket chart. Then we made this cute portrait craft I found from Deanna Jump's blog.

We also learned about the letters in our names with these rainbow name mosaics. I wrote the kids' names on 12x18 paper and gave them strips of colored paper (one color a time to minimize confusion). They just cut up the strips and glued the pieces onto the letters. I cut them out after they dried. I love that this craft allowed for so much learning - letters in our names, counting how many letters, rainbow color order, fine motor practice...and of course, they're so bright and cheery! This idea was also from Deanna Jump.

Next week, we will read Chrysanthemum and chart how many letters are in our names. Stay tuned...


  1. So cute. Your classroom looks so colorful. Love it. I'm a new follower.
    Primary Paradise

  2. Love it. You are creating readers in your class. So sweet. This is the number one way to get kids to know the letters of the alphabet.

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