Sunday, June 3, 2018


June is here, and I always love ending the year with a science unit on plants! The activities below are part of my Plants Unit. The unit includes charts, experiments, worksheets, crafts, templates, songs, read aloud suggestions, and a sample outline of lessons. 

I like to launch this unit by reading aloud Peter Rabbit.* Then I tell the kids we have received a letter from Mr. McGregor asking for help taking care of his garden. This was inspired by Mrs. Lee's KindergartenThe kids came to the conclusion that we should learn all about plants and help Mr. McGregor with his garden.

The next lesson is all about the plant lifecycle. We watched a video on Brainpop and then sang a song about the lifecycle, which is included in the unit. We also read lots of books about the plant life cycle. Below are a few of my favorites.* 

Then we learned about the needs of plants. We sang and danced to another song and the kids made these adorable flap books, which were also inspired by Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten. 

In the next lesson, we learned about the parts of the plant and how they function. We watched a Brainpop video and then we made a plant craft and students labeled each part of their plant. 

Throughout the unit, we also did lots of fun experiments. We did a sunlight experiment by predicting what would happen when one plant was placed in the sun and the other was placed in darkness. We drew and wrote about our observations after a week. We did a similar experiment with water. We watered one plant daily, but did not water the second plant. The students drew and wrote their predictions and observations. 

Of course, we just had to plant a garden of our own! I set out a variety of seeds for the kids to choose from. They planted their seeds and had fun throughout the unit watering, measuring, and drawing their observations in their plant journals (freebie is included in the unit sample). I love to read the book Planting a Rainbow* before we plant our seeds.

Finally, here are a few ideas I've used for art, fine motor, and sensory centers. The q-tip dot art painting is from Marsha at Differentiated Kindergarten


Download the unit sample for your freebie plant journals!

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Down by the Sea Centers & Freebie!

Wow! It is getting to be that time of year again! The countdown to summer has started and the kids are ready for some summer fun! All of the activities below (and more) are part of my Down by the Sea Centers Pack!

Fishin' Addition
We go fishing with our partner, then we add up both of our catches and record the equations.

 Marine Measuring
We use cubes to measure the different sea animals.

 Shark Attack
We compare numbers and make the sharks eat the bigger numbers.

Ten Frame Race
We roll a ten frame cube, count the sea creatures, and trace the correct numeral.

 Skip Counting Crabs
We sequence the crabs in the pocket chart and then cut and paste the crabs in order on sentence strips.

 Seashell Patterns
We use seashells to make patterns and then color our patterns on the recording sheet.

 Fishing for Sight Words
We go fishing for sight words and write the words we catch.

 Digging for Crabs
We dig crabs from the sand and write the ending sounds on the recording sheet.

 Label the Turtle
We label a turtle and then record the words on the labeling sheet.

 Beach Ball Bash
We sort beach balls by middle sounds and record the words under the correct ball.

 Beach Blends
We roll a cube and record the beginning blend or digraph on the graph.

Roll a Word
We roll a beach ball with our partners and write the words that land under our hand.

 Sandcastle Sounds
We dig objects out of a pail and write the beginning sounds on the recording sheet.

Seashell Segmenting
We choose a shell, segment the sounds, and use stamps to spell the words.

 Seashell Syllables
We sort seashells into the pails by how many syllables are in the words. Then we use do-a-dot markers to stamp the syllables.

Seashell Sight Words
We dig up seashells and then write the sight words in the sand.

Check out my Down by the Sea Centers for more oceans of fun!!!!

Here is your FREEBIE! This Add & Cover game is a sample of what is included in the unit. Students can use small shells or other counters to play this game, along with a set of dice. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Labor Day Sale!

Hi everyone! I'm throwing a Labor Day Sale! Visit my store today and tomorrow and save 20% on all products! I wish everyone a happy and successful school year! Check back soon for some new content...

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Easter Fun & Freebies!

Happy spring everyone! Things have been majorly busy around here, but I wanted to "hop" in and share some of the spring fun we've been having! The kids have been having a blast with our Easter centers, crafts, writing activities, and bunny math! Check them out in action! I've also got a new product and lots of freebies for you! 

Spring Math Centers 

Addition Egg-Spert - We pick two eggs, add the jellybeans inside, and write the equations.

Bunny Munch Subtraction - We choose a card and model the subtraction problem using carrots.

Bunny Bowling - We practice decomposing 10 by playing a game of bunny bowling. We roll the ball and then record how many pins fell and how many are standing. Scroll to the bottom for this freebie! The set also includes a template for bunny bowling subtraction and sight words. I found this mini bunny bowling set at CVS a few years ago. You could also use the pink bunny eggs from Dollar Tree (see Springtime Sentences center). Or you could add some bunny ears to a regular old bowling set!

Add & Cover - To play this game, we roll two dice, add the dots, and cover the sum. I found these cute egg foam shapes at the Target Dollar Spot.

Springtime Sums - We practice decomposing 10 by choosing an egg, counting the jelly beans, and writing the equation. I usually use real jelly beans, but we have some allergies this year so no food allowed!

Count the Room - We wear bunny ears and hop around the room counting pictures. Bunny ears were purchased at Dollar Tree.

More or Less - We stack the cards in the middle and play this game like 'War.' We compare numerals, objects, and ten frames.

Bunny Money - We crack open the eggs and count the pennies inside.

Egg-Cellent Patterns - We use plastic eggs to create patterns and then color our patterns on the recording sheet.

Jelly Bean Graphing - We sort and graph jellybeans. This activity is included in the free preview of my Easter Centers Pack. Click the link or scroll to the bottom to download my jellybean freebie!

Spring Literacy Centers

Bunny Sight Word Hunt - We hop around the room like bunnies and hunt for sight words!

**New Product Alert! I just added my Bunny Sight Word Hunt to my TpT store! Click the image below to check it out.**

Syllable Stamp - We sort pictures into baskets based on the number of syllables. Then we use do-a-dot markers to stamp the syllables on our recording sheets.

Bunny Hop - We wind up the bunny and watch him hop around. When the bunny stops, we read and record the word he landed on. The bunny was found at Dollar Tree. If you can't find one, you could always use a beanbag or stuffed bunny and have the kids play bunny toss!

Middle Sound Egg-Spert - We sort eggs into baskets based on the middle sound in the word, then we write the words.

CVC Bunny Stamp - We pick a bunny, hop the sounds in the word, and stamp the letters. 

Springtime Sentences - We pick a bunny, unscramble the sentence, and write it on our sheet.

Bunny Munch Mix-Up - We pick a carrot, unscramble the sight word, and write the word. This freebie can be found at the end of this post.

CVC Word Egg-Spert - We match the eggs and write the words.

Bunny Bowling - We knock down the bunny pins and write the words on the pins that fell.

Easter Egg Hunt - We pick an egg from the basket and sound out the word inside the egg.

You can find all of these activities in my Easter Math & Literacy Centers Pack. The Bunny Munch Mix-Up and Bunny Bowling are not part of the pack, but you can download them for free by scrolling to the end of this post!

Bunny Math

This cute idea came from A Spoonful of Learning. We are currently working on our subtraction unit, so this was perfect! The students used props to act out subtraction word problems. One student got to be the bunny and wear the bunny ears, and the others were the carrots. The children on the rug used their own carrots to model the problem and write the equation on their white boards. I prefer to use the SmartBoard for math, so I also created a SmartBoard activity to go along with this lesson. Scroll to the bottom of this post to download my SmartBoard Bunny Math Freebie!

Spring Crafts

We read the book If I Were The Easter Bunny and then the kids wrote about what they would do if they were a bunny. This adorable bunny craft came from Jennifer Bates. You can find it in her TpT store. I modified it slightly to make it "If I Were a Bunny" instead of "If I Were The Easter Bunny." I think they came out pretty cute!


Wishing a Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all! Enjoy your Freebies!

*For the jellybean graphing, click the image above to go to my store. Then download the Preview File. This activity is included in the free preview.