Thursday, February 16, 2012

Peek at Our Week

Here's a quick peek at what we've been doing this past week...

Math Centers:
 We make patterns using candy hearts, then record our patterns.
We roll dice to determine how many hearts to place in each heart. Then we add.
 We match ten frame and numeral cards and then color the ten frames.
 We practice our fine motor skills as well as counting at this center.
We sort candy hearts and then graph the data.
 We use candies to measure each heart and record the results.

Literacy Centers:
We roll the sight word cube and write the sight words on our graph.
 We spin a spinner, say the word, and graph the beginning sound.
 We say the words and stamp the syllables with do-a-dot markers.
 We open the hearts and unscramble the sight words inside.
 We love to practice writing our sight words in sand.

This week, we investigated with wood and water to see what happens when the two interact. This was one of the more exciting lessons from our FOSS unit. The kids really had fun! We determined that water absorbs into the wood and that wood floats in water.