Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snowman Counting Book {Freebie}


  1. I love your blog! I have nominated you for an award. Hop over and read all about it!

    Mrs. Krull
    Of Primary Importance

  2. I have awarded you the versatile blogger. Come on over to my blog to check out the rules. I think your site is super cute. I am sorry if this award is a duplicate.

    Queen with Class

  3. I used this on Friday with my Kindergarten class and they loved it.
    I used small colored dot stickers from Office Max for the buttons. (It took 55 stickers for each child).
    What a hit and the stickers were great for my boys that need a lot of fine motor work
    Thanks again for sharing things free of charge. You are truly a wonderful friend to teachers and children.
    Fondly, Barbara

  4. HI, I used this darling book today and linked this post! Thank You!


  5. Great snowman book! I just shared it on facebook!

    Criss-Cross Applesauce

  6. Is this freebie one available any other way than with Scribd?


  7. I would really love to use this with my Kindergarten class...just do not want to sign up for there any other way to get it? Thanks for creating such a fun and practical math resource!
    ~ Gayle

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