Sunday, January 29, 2012

Math & Literacy Centers in Action

Here are a few shots I took of our class working during math and literacy centers over the last couple weeks! All of my center activities (and more) are available to download for free here

Hot Cocoa Counting - We have fun working on our fine motor skills while we practice counting!
 Number Matchup - We spin a number, count the pictures, and place the correct numeral on our board.
Snowman Add & Cover - We roll two dice, add the dots, and cover the sum!
Build a Snowman - We roll a die and find the matching numbers to build a snowman.
Snowman Roll & Cover - We roll a die and place the correct number of "snowballs" on our board.
 Pattern block puzzles are a favorite any time of the year.
 Snowy Sounds - We pick a snowman, look at the picture, and write the beginning sound.
Snowy Sight Words - We pick a snowman card, read the sight word, and dot the correct word.
We love Starfall!

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