Saturday, December 17, 2011

Math & Literature

I am crazy about integrating math and literature. I'm on a mission to find books for every single math topic! Using literature to introduce math concepts really helps the children to see math in different contexts and to understand that math is actually useful in everyday life. Besides, they love hearing stories!

We started off our unit on shapes by reading "The Shape of Things."
We went on a shape hunt around the classroom
using these shape pointers that I made.
We even used our bodies to make shapes!
  We made shapes from toothpicks
  and clay.


We learned about equal parts with the story  "The Doorbell Rang." This is a story about children who share cookies with their family and friends. Then we figured out how to share our own "cookies" equally with our friends.

First, we figured out how to share a cookie equally between two friends. We each got one half.

Then we figured out how to share a cookie among four friends. We each got one fourth.


"A Pair of Socks" was a fun story about sorting. The kids were excited when I brought out a whole basket full of socks, which we sorted by color, pattern, and size. 


We also made some class counting books based on these stories. I will post pictures of our work soon.


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