Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sight Words & Segmenting Freebies!

I'm currently working on a plant unit and some subtraction freebies, but I wanted to share something with you in the meantime! My kids this year have had a really hard time with sight words and segmenting, so I've come up with lots of different games and activities to use with my small groups. Here are some of the activities we've been having fun with lately!

Swat It!
Just program the bees with your sight words (they're editable). Call out a word and the student has to swat it. If they get it correct, they keep the bee! Click here to download the bees for Swat It!

Sight Word Parking Lot
This game was inspired by Juggling with Kids. It's editable so you can program your sight words! I call out a word, and the kids have to park their car on the correct word in the parking lot. Click here to download Sight Word Parking Lot.

Sight Word Ball Toss
Sorry I don't have a picture of this one. I simply wrote sight words on a beach ball. I toss or roll the ball to students and they have to read the word that is facing up when they catch it!

Sight Word Chants
I found these fun chants at Growing Kinders! The kids love spelling their sight words while doing jumping jacks, dancing the disco, and more! (I just wrote them on craft sticks and put them in a cup, instead of printing out all the labels). Here is the Label for the container.

Similar to Bingo. The children fill in the boxes with sight words of their choice. I call out words and they mark the word with a counter. First to get 3 or 4 in a row wins! Click here for the WORDO boards.

Sound Hop
We use these rubber dots for hopping the sounds in words. The children hop on a dot as they say each sound in the word. This is great for those kinesthetic learners!

Tap Light Segmenting
These cute tap lights can be found at Walmart for $1.00! I posted about these last year, but I'm posting them again because they are so much fun! The kids pick an object or picture card and turn on each light as they say the sounds.

 Slinky Stretch
So simple and fun...we stretch out a slinky as we s-t-r-e-t-c-h the sounds in words!

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
We tap our head for the beginning sound, shoulders for the middle sound, and so forth.

Race Car Segmenting
We use Hotwheels cars with these work mats to segment sounds! We roll the car slow as we say the sounds, then fast as we put them together and say the whole word. Click here to download my Race Car Segmenting.

Elkonin Boxes
I made a variety of these Elkonin Mats to change things up a bit each month. We use different manipulatives to go along with each theme. For example: candy corn in October, peppermints in December, cotton balls in January, candy hearts in February, gold coins in March, seashells in May, etc.

Songs & Chants
We love singing these Segmenting Songs. I found two of these in the book Phonemic Awareness Activities for Early Reading Success and the bumblebee song is based on the well-known name song. For the cheer, I found some cute pompoms at my local supermarket!

Please leave a comment and let me know if you use any of these activities with your class! I'd also love to hear any other ideas you have for sight words and segmenting! Thanks for visiting :)


  1. These ideas are all great! Thanks so much for sharing.

    K-3 Connection

  2. Love your blog! ou have wonderful ideas. I need something for my TK kids and sight words. Perfect!

  3. What fantastic ideas! I have just printed some copies of the race car segmenting as my kids are loving using Elkonin boxes at the moment. I just know my boys will love segmenting words using cars. Thank you so much!

    Lifelong Learners in Prep

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these are great!

  5. Love all the ideas! Thanks for sharing (and making them editable!). My kinders will love using them!
    ~ Amy

  6. I love all your ideas! I swear I live by your blog :) I made my own parking lot game too, but I made it a partner center with CVC words. I have one buddy call out a word and then the other person has to find it, read the word (and check with the buddy to make sure it's correct). Then I have the students say the word backwards as they back out. I made mine by hand, but I love that you can edit yours. Thanks for all your fun ideas!

  7. Thank you soooo much for all of these cute freebies!! LOVE your blog!

  8. These are the cutest ideas! Thanks for sharing! :)
    Teaching With Style

  9. I love all of your sight word and segmenting activities! Thanks for sharing them. When your kids play the Swat game, do they play just partners, or with a small group? I have yet to find a successful way to play with a small group; I would appreciate any suggestions or input. Thanks so much!

    1. I actually have them take turns with the swatter (one kid at a time). I found that it gets really chaotic otherwise! I call out a word and if they swat the correct word, they keep the bee. And we just rotate around the table like that until all the bees are gone!

  10. I love your ideas! What an awesome teacher you are--and you are so young! I cannot even imagine what it will be like in your class in 10 years. I'm curious, what brought you to Hawaii? Is your husband military? We are a military family with four kids living in Italy. I use many of your ideas to supplement what my Kindergarten aged son is learning. You've been a tremendous help!

    1. My husband and I actually had our wedding here and just fell in love with the island. Five months later, we were packing our things and getting on a plane! We absolutely love it, but now we are moving back home to be close to family again. I would LOVE to go to Italy someday. My grandparents are actually from there. Thank you for your kind words :)

  11. Thanks for the great freebies!!! I cannot wait to use all these ideas!

  12. Thank you for being so generous with your awesome ideas! Will be definitely getting these ready to use with my K's next year.

  13. You know what I love about your blog? You offer SOOOO many freebies!!! When you are selling something on TPT, I buy it because I know how much time and effort you have out into making all these fabulous resources! I hope you are reaping the benefits!
    Will you share your label for your "sight word chants" bucket? It's too cute!
    ALSO....I'd love for you to make something for me and put it on TPT (I'd buy it, of course ;) It's my version of the behavior clip chart - but using different words. How can I contact you?

    1. Thanks so much! I just uploaded the label for the sight word chants. Here's the link:

      Also, the behavior chart is editable so you can enter your own wording. If you need to make any further changes or have any questions, you can email me at

  14. I so love your blog. These are great ideas that I will definitely be using this fall. Thanks for the great freebies!

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  16. What great ideas!! I plan on using several of these with my kinders......thanks so much!!

  17. Hello I am going to use your car park tomorrow with my class! Thanks very much!

  18. I love your Elkonin boxes. I printed out multiple sets to use this week. Thanks!!

  19. Thank you so much for the great freebies! Where did you get the colored dots the kids hop on to sound out words? We use green for beginning sound, yellow for middle, and red for the ending sound when stretching words, and the colored dots would be perfect for my kiddos to hop on.

  20. What fun ways to teach words!!! I have pinned every single one of these and so excited to have some new ideas for small groups! Thank you SO much for sharing!

  21. I teach ESL in South Korea, and I think these activities would be a great help in my classroom. Thank you so much for sharing!

  22. Hi, Thank you so much for sharing! You have so many great ideas, I'm trying to download your sight word carpark, but it is not editable in my browser, it has downloaded as a pdf. The same happened with the bee game, would you know how to make it editable by any chance?

  23. Thank you for sharing these. I'm excited to use them with my transitional 1's this year that will be in my Grade 1/2 class.

  24. I love your great ideas. We are currently using your segmenting words race car game and it is a hit. Thank you!

  25. Thank you for sharing your fun ideas for sight words and segmenting fun! Would you please consider adding a 4th Elkonin box for the race car activity?