Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pencil Cup Labels {Freebie}

Last year, I had so much trouble with
students not having sharpened pencils
and wanting to sharpen pencils at inappropriate times. So, I created these buckets for children to borrow a sharp pencil when needed. They'll take one from the sharp bucket and put their dull one in the other bucket. Click the picture to download the label template.


  1. wow .. I really like the design of your pen . .thanks a lot for showing it to me...keep it up . .
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  2. I use the same idea each year, but your clipart is way cuter than mine! Thanks so much!

  3. So I totally love how cut these are and down loaded for my class these year. I have a request :-) I really want to have a label that matches (my teacher OCD) I want one to put on a tin cup that says lost supplies .... Lost of students find things on the floor and instead of telling me they can just put in the cup..... I just want the border and print to match like these but a different picture... Let me know if u can do for me. Or if u can send to me so I can edit. Just want all three tons together and want them to match ... Thanks