Sunday, January 11, 2015

Snow Much Fun! Centers & Freebies!'s cold outside! The real feel actually dropped BELOW zero last week! We even had some snow! Maybe I'm crazy, but I really don't mind it. I love the snow...and the kids do, too! Check out some of the snowy fun we've been having in kindergarten...

Snowball Sums

We had a snowball fight during math workshop to practice decomposing the number 10. Two students at a time had a "snowball fight" as I timed them for 30 seconds. When time was up, we lined up the snowballs and counted how many landed on each side of the tape line. Then the kids wrote the equation on their white boards. We learned lots of different ways to decompose the number 10! 

We also played a new game to decompose the number 10. I don't have a picture of them doing this one, but here is a copy of the activity (the recording sheet is editable so you can change the numbers). I modeled this game during our whole group lesson, then they worked with their partners at their tables. To play, they shake and spill the cup of "snowballs" onto the mat, count how many landed on each side, and write the equation. Click HERE to download your Snowball Fight FREEBIE!

Math & Literacy Centers

These centers are SNOW much fun! I just posted my brand new Snow Much Fun Centers pack on TpT today! This is my biggest pack yet at over 200 pages! There are 22 math centers and 17 literacy centers. Yes, you read that right! These activities will keep my kiddos busy all month long! My favorite part of this pack is the new "I Can" cards I made for each activity with visual instructions that the kids can actually read and follow independently! The related Common Core standards are also listen on the I Can card for each center. We started these centers this week and the kids absolutely love them! Check some of them out below!

Shoveling Snow - When I told my kids they'd be shoveling snow at this new center, they actually squealed in delight! Oh, the joy of being a child :) Anyhow, they're not actually shoveling snow, but they do shovel up some white pompoms and count them on the ten frames. Then they write the number and dot the ten frame. 
Add & Cover - This is an old favorite in our class. We just roll the dice, add the dots, and cover the sum with a snowflake. You could also use numeral dice instead of dots.
Snowball Sequencing - We put the snowballs in order (they stick to the mat with velcro). Then we pick a card and figure out the missing number. We write the number sequence on the recording sheet.
Snowman Match - We build the snowman by matching the numerals and ten frames. Then we write the number and dot the ten frame.
Penguin Subtraction - We pick a card and use fish to subtract. The fish that are taken away are placed into the cup. Then we write the equation.
Snowy Subtraction - Same game as above. We pick a card and use snowballs to subtract. The snowballs that are taken away are placed into the cup. Then we write the equation.
Race to 10 - We roll the die, add snowballs to our mat, and say how many more we need to get to 10. First to 10 wins! This game also includes the option to race to 20.
Arctic Addition - We pick a card, solve the equation, and clip the correct sum. Then we write the equation. Disclaimer: I know that penguins don't actually live in the Arctic, but the name sounded catchy! :)
More or less - We play this game like "War." We practice using words like greater, less, and equal using the talk card. The person whose card is greater keeps both.
Mitten Skip Count - We clip the mittens in order on the clothesline. Then we cut and paste our mittens in order on a sentence strip.  
Snowball Fight - We shake and spill a cup of 5 snowballs onto the mat. Then we count how many landed on each side and write the equation. This activity can be used to decompose any number, since the recording sheet is editable.
 Snowy Sums - We roll two dice, use snowballs to add, and write the equation.
Ice Fishing - We go fishing for sight words in the ice hole and write the sight words we catch!
Spin a Sound - We spin the spinner, say the word, and write the beginning sound.
 Polar Digraphs - We sort the snowballs by digraph and write the words.
 Mitten Match Up - We match the rhyming words and draw the pictures.
Mitten Mix Up - We pick a mitten, unscramble the letters, and write the sight word. I found these adorable mitten purses at Dollar Tree!
Snowman Sounds - We pick an object and dot the beginning sound. You could also have the kids stamp middle or ending sounds.

Frosty Family - We match the word families and write the words.
Snowy Sight Words - We pick a snowball and write the sight word.

Middle Sound Sort - We sort the pictures by middle vowel sounds, then we write the words under the correct penguin. 
CVC Snowball Stamp - We pick a card, say the word, and stamp the word on the sheet.
Snowy Syllables - We clap the syllables, sort the pictures, and stamp the number of syllables.

  New Years Resolutions

This week, I also had my kids make New Years resolutions. I found this cute idea on Pinterest and just had to try it! They turned out adorable! Click HERE for my free template.

That's all for now! Have a great week!


  1. I love it! Thank you for sharing! Now I will buy the rest of the unit, as it's so great!!

  2. We'll have "snow" much fun having a snowball fight next week! The unit looks awesome and huge!

  3. So much fun stuff!! I LOVE it!

    1. I am a teacher at Phoenix kindergarten with 6 years of experience. Whenever, I need something new for my kids I Google it out. I find huge stuff on the internet and try it out with my kids. They really enjoy it.

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