Friday, August 22, 2014

Classroom Sneak Peek!

I AM SO EXCITED! After waiting all summer, I finally got into my classroom yesterday! I have been so jealous of all the beautiful classroom photos I've been checking out on Pinterest and my favorite blogs, so I am full of inspiration and ready to go! My husband and I spent the whole day yesterday moving furniture and setting up bulletin boards. We're still waiting on most of the furniture to be delivered, so I am not even close to finished! Here are some of my current projects and links to where I purchased the materials!
READ blocks - Michaels $1.50 each
Huge clothespins - Michaels $1.50 each
"Write" banner - from my store on TPT
Colorful photo frames - Michaels $9.99 (buy one get one!)
Poster Quote Freebies - Technology Rocks
Lantern Lights - Amazon
Chevron Borders - Really Good Stuff
And finally, I saw the idea for this on Pinterest ages ago and always wanted to make my own! I found this bottle at the dollar store and it was perfect for the job! I can't wait to shake some "brain sprinkles" all over my kiddies next month :)

Much more to come! I am also working on a post with lots of reading and writing workshop setup ideas and freebies!!!!


  1. Your room looks like you're off to a great start! I'm in love w/ the idea of Brain Sprinkles!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  2. Do you sell the cute 3 drawer sterilite labels?

  3. I bet your students love the brain sprinkles! Thank you for sharing!
    ~Shelly Anton
    Promoting Success Blog

  4. Miss you in blog world! Hope all is well and you are enjoying your new school.

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  7. Love your room! Nice bright colors and super organized. So glad to see you blogging again.

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