Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Common Core Math Posters FREEBIE

Oh well...so much for relaxing! One more post before I get some rest and then head to the beach! :)
Recently, my school has been delving into the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice and we came across these great posters: Math Practice Posters. These simple "kid-friendly" posters include easy to understand "I can" statements along with illustrations. They actually helped ME to better understand these standards myself! After seeing these, I decided I just had to make my own cute version to go along with my polka dot theme! And they match perfectly with my Common Core Standards Posters. Click the first image for your FREE posters!
If you're looking for some Common Core "I Can" Posters, you can find my matching set here: 


  1. I teach third grade, but these are easy to understand and discuss. The language is kid-friendly, but still academic! Thanks!

  2. hello, i teach fourth grade math.i need interesting unique ideas to make math fun and an enjoyable learning experiance for kids!thanks!

  3. Fantastic but unable to print page 8

  4. Are these posters still available?