Saturday, November 10, 2012

Election Day {Freebie}

Here's what we did for election day. Sorry I'm late on this one! Maybe you can use it next time!

We read "Duck for President" and "Grace for President" and learned about voting. Then we held our own class election. Our class voted for Obama, 16 to 7! The kids were so excited as we counted up the ballots! Another idea is to read both stories, then have students vote for Grace or Duck for president. Grab your Duck & Grace Ballot and Voter Registration Cards below...

Click the image for your freebie!


  1. Nicole,
    Thanks so much! I never thought about doing a voter registration card. Adding it to my to do list for next year!!
    The Eagle's Nest

  2. Thank you! Putting this in my file for the next election! :)

    ~ Amy

  3. Wow... what a great post! Thanks for the info, super helpful. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a PA MV-140, I found a blank fillable form here

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