Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

We had so much fun celebrating Easter this week!

We made cute handprint baby chicks. I love crafts where kids use their handprints because I don't have to trace anything and they always come out super cute.

We made these adorable Easter Bunny baskets. This is an idea I stole from my co-workers. Best idea ever! All you need is a paper plate, cardstock, tissue paper, and a cotton ball. Just cut four slits in the plate, fold it up, and staple it together. They are the perfect size and are very sturdy!

While we were at lunch, the Easter Bunny snuck into our room and hid eggs all over the place! We went on an Easter egg hunt and filled our baskets with goodies!

We sorted and graphed jelly beans. Then we got to eat them! This activity is part of my April Math & Literacy Centers Pack on TpT.

We had fun working on some of our Easter Literacy Centers.

And as always, we read lots of Easter stories. The Bunny Who Found Easter is my favorite. It's such a beautiful story. It's about a bunny who searches all over the place looking for Easter. In the end, he realizes that Easter isn't a place to be found, but "a time when everything beautiful begins once again."

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